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Steam was the first heat transfer fluid used in district heating networks. Baelz is internationally active on the market as a steam specialist for energy-saving steam system solutions in district heating and industry.

Wherever steam is used, energy saving potential can be realized by using various techniques, which quickly pay off through energy savings.

Baelz offers a unique spectrum of steam processes ranging from the supply of components to complete systems, from consultation during the concept phase to construction and delivery of compact stations.

Baelz – steaming ahead!

The following video gives an insight into this technology.

Corrosion ▪ Erosion ▪ Cavitation

Wear, erosion and corrosion are always subject to the laws of nature. Thanks to decades of experience, Baelz has plenty of scientifical and practical knowledge allowing to minimize these harmful effects and to ensure low-wear and reliable use of the heat transfer stations in your plants.


The following brochure gives information about
  • Required chemical standards for the quality of steam and water in Baelz systems
  • Criteria for selecting materials for the heating surfaces
  • Causes and prevention of corrosion, erosion and cavitation
  • Topic-related literature and standards

Planning tools and dimensioning programs