Our controllers offer intelligent control and automation and are used to ensure an improved degree of efficiency in energy generation and energy conversion in industry and HVAC systems.

As the developer of weather-sensitive control, Baelz offers a wide range of globally tried and tested control devices: We develop the hardware and software for our compact controllers and multi-loop controllers, making for optimal adaptation to market requirements in industry and HVAC technology.

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Industrial controllers

baelz 6490
baelz 6496
baelz 6497

baelz 6590
baelz 6596
baelz 6597

Building controllers

baelz 6164

baelz 6200

Digitalization the Baelz way

The new digital positioners baelz 7020 and baelz 7020A make for greatly simplified operation and adjustment, offering fully automatic adaptation to a control valve, for example. The 7020 is supplied built into our actuators baelz 373-E07. The 7020A is available for our actuators baelz 373-E45, baelz 373-E66 and baelz 375-E42.

The digital positioner receives a positioning signal from a master controller and converts the signal directly. Position feedback enables automatic control according to operating pressure and actuating thrust.

baelz 7020

baelz 7020A

Controller integrated in an actuator

baelz 7164

This decentralized intelligent controller is integrated in the actuator unit, minimizing on-site installation and wiring work and replacing the signal wiring between controller and actuator.