Exhaust steam compression

The steam ejector baelz 590 compresses waste steam, which contains a lot of energy, and is frequently discharged without use. The ejector uses suction steam to compress the motive steam. The objective is in practice to save expensive motive steam. The latter is mixed with inexpensive suction steam and compressed to generate a medium pressure steam supply.

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Jetomat® baelz 590

Steam/steam ejector with flanged connection for recirculation and compression of exhaust vapor.

Fluid Nominal pressure Nominal diameter Body material Temperature range


PN 16 / 40 DN 15 - 250

spheroid ductile iron
(5.3103) /

cast steel (1.0619)

-10°C to 240°C
(without cooling tube)

-10°C to 350°C
(with cooling tube)

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