Display devices

Condensate controller baelz 70315 / 70316

The baelz 70315 / 70316 is a condensate controller with special sight glass.

Flow sight glasses baelz 70317

The baelz 70317 are flow sight glasses for visual inspection of filling and flow in pipelines available with or without rotor.

Manometer tubes baelz 70701S-AG / baelz 70702S-AG

Manometer tubes in trumpet shape (baelz 70701S-AG) or in U-shape (baelz 70702S-AG). Suitable for steam.

Bourdon tube manometers baelz 70802

Bourdon tube manometer.

Bourdon tube manometer baelz 70804-VA

Glycerine filled bourdon tube manometer. Made of stainless steel.

Bourdon tube manometer baelz 70806-VA

Bourdon tube manometer. For gaseous, liquid, aggressive, not highly viscous and not crystallizing fluids, also in aggressive environment.

Bimetallic dial thermometer baelz 71150-TM-VA

Bimetallic dial thermometer.