Steam ejectors


The functional principle of the controllable ejector is also applicable to steam. Here, smooth-running equipment is of the essence. Factors such as production reliability, energy costs and maintenance expenditure are crucial for success in all industries.

Advantages at a glance
  • Increase in the effective heating surface
  • Reduction of steam loss
  • Increase in machine performance
  • Applicable to all types of steam systems
  • Enables full use of available energy

Steam ejectors can be applied in two different types of system:

1. Recirculation

Chose this type of installation if you want to improve the performance and thus the productivity of your machines. This can help increase the average performance by 15% with steam savings of up to 5%.

2. Compression

Our purpose-built steam ejector installations are designed to save energy, achieving direct steam savings from 10 to 30% and even more.

Jetomat® baelz 590

Steam/steam ejector with flanged connection for recirculation and compression of exhaust vapor.

Fluid Nominal pressure Nominal diameter Body material Temperature range


PN 16 / 40 DN 15 - 250

spheroid ductile iron
(5.3103) /

cast steel (1.0619)

-10°C to 240°C
(without cooling tube)

-10°C to 350°C
(with cooling tube)

Operating instructions

Declarations of conformity / Manufacturer's declarations

Data sheets


with flanges and pressure ratings according to American ANSI/ASME standards