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These have always been the key to success at Baelz, a family-owned company, since 1896.

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Optimized production

A global company uses a lot of energy in its production process - especially in the production of steam. Just because the steam generation is very costly, steam should be used sparingly and surpluses should always be avoided.

The old, outdated steam-water transfer stations in the factory...

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Technological news

The new digital positioner baelz 7020 replaces its previous type baelz 1020 and enables fully automated adaption to a control valve.

With this positioner installed in an electric actuator E07, Baelz responds to the digitalization and offers many user-friendly and easy-to-use controls.

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Baelz is looking for you!

Baelz is internationally active in the market with its intelligent components and energy-saving system solutions in the field of heat and cold transfer.

We are currently working to expand our team gradually and in this context we have interesting, new jobs. It is worth taking a look at the job advertisements.

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Baelz Active


EnergieEffizienz-Messe 2019

03. - 04.09.2019


IHK Börsenplatz

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Catalog 2018/2019

Take a look at our interactive product catalog!

The optimized and quick overview of the catalog facilitates the search for the right product solution and brings you precisely to the desired product.

The modular concept of the catalog is reflected in the fact that most of the catalog is made up of the technical product data sheets.

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