With their diverse energy requirements, hospitals are THE ideal places for the installment of Baelz technology. From energy generation in the boiler house through steam-water heat transfer and heat distribution to clean steam generation or drinking water heating - the outstanding advantages of the Baelz technologies come into their own in every situation. Constantly focussing on maximum energy efficiency, operational reliability and system longevity, Baelz brings decades of experience to bear to ensure that all of these criteria are met.

Hundreds of hospitals rely on Baelz. Our factory sales department provides support with planning and realisation and our own customer service teams in Germany, Austria and France ensure excellent system reliability, for example by punctual and competent fulfillment of maintenance contracts.

Find out more about Baelz solutions for hospitals in our industry brochure:

Energy saving through ejector technology in hospitals

Mainkofen hospital, Germany

in a hospital with numerous buildings, a lot of energy for heating and electricity can be consumed over long distances. The ejector technology, in Mainkofen for example, realizes enormous saving potential here.