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Baelz is back to trade fairs!

April 2021

We can benefit from a worldwide presence and start again with live fairs: Visit us, if you are around, at CHINAPLAS 2021 in Shenzhen - booth 10W29 - and discover the Baelz energy saving technologies as well as the reliant and long-lasting range of Baelz control valves and ejectors!

New download options

July 2020

Check out our new download options! Datasheets, brochures and drawings in 2D and 3D are now available under the relevant components and systems, or you can browse the entire collection here. Registration with login and password is no longer necessary, simply fill out the data form and you're ready to go!

New rotary actuator baelz 375-E42

August 2019

New rotary actuator baelz 375-E42 to replace baelz 375-E41.

For further information, see our Product Note

Smaller actuator P11

March 2019

Size does matter - especially for pneumatic actuators

The new compact pneumatic actuator baelz 373-P11 can be used for many HVAC and mechanical applications and suits all Baelz valves with a spindle diameter of 10 mm, including ejectors. It is particularly suitable for small valves up to nominal diameters of DN 80 and, like its equivalent baelz 373-P21, it can run a full stroke of 22 mm.

Compared to the 373-P21, it is about 5 cm less wide and about 5 cm less high. The small volume of the P11 actuator is useful for compact systems where space is at a premium. The new P11 weighs in at only 2.1 kg and, like our other pneumatic actuators, it is made of high-quality die-cast aluminum 'made in Germany'.

Due to its simple design, the pneumatic actuator can be used for OPG operations (valve closed without compressed air) or for OPO operations (valve open without compressed air). This enables the OPG/OPO function to be selected during installation, without the operator having to disassemble the actuator.

The P11 actuator is maintenance free, and its longevity and reliability ensure high system availablility.

Energy-saving solutions for stainless steel production

September 2018

An international company uses an enormous amount of energy in its production process – especially in the generation of steam.

As steam generation is very cost-intensive, steam should be used economically, and surpluses should always be avoided. The previous steam-water transfer stations in the plant led the high-temperature condensate into open condensate tanks.

Here, the steam-water heat transfer stations from Baelz, a closed steam-condensate system without condensate tank, was recommended.

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Meanwhile in Israel

August 2018, Israel

Currently, a large plant in a leading global food company in Israel is being converted to Baelz valves. Here, thermal oil serves as a heat transfer medium. The system was designed and implemented together with our local sales partner.

Baelz original? Oriverify!

Unfortunately, in disregard of internationally valid laws, logos and trademarks protected for Baelz are now also affixed to copied products.

So that you no longer have any doubts, we have attached QR codes on our actuators, that will take you directly to our website and confirm their authenticity.

Our award-worthy "Bees" and "Bumblebees"

Baelz among the top 10

The highly sustainable cooling through excess heat, which was implemented by Baelz in cooperation with the Technical University of Berlin in the form of absorption cooling systems of various performance classes, resulted in Baelz being among the top 10 for the Industry Prize 2016.

This award, which honors industrial companies, recognizes the progress and economic, social, environmental and technological use of the products. This is assessed by a jury of experts.