Mission statement

Your competent partner

For heat transfer using water, steam or thermal oil, Baelz has been a highly recommended and competent partner to industry, in district heating and in building services since 1896. We offer a wide range of components and well-planned coordinated system solutions. 

Integral and especially sustainable planning is the fundamental prerequisite for project planning.

We reduce the number of system components and thus the investment costs for our customer as well. Our top priorities: High product quality, low energy consumption and long service life of our systems.

Nature and technology in harmony

Baelz technologies have always strived to use thermal energy as economically as possible and have helped to conserve resources of all kinds for decades using their design proximity to physics, thermodynamics, electrical engineering and electronics.

Baelz products unite these disciplines of science, based on the fundamentals of nature. Rendered useful by human ingenuity in the best German engineering tradition, they are the expression of the nature and technology in harmony.

Copper has accompanied us through time and, to this day, copper is still in use in Baelz heat exchangers. 

At Baelz, we do our own research and development, right down to the electronics and software in Baelz control systems.

Nature as a role model: In a tree, the sap reaches even into the smallest ramifications of a leaf in a perfect hydraulic system. 

This interlinking of climate protection and use of technology is typical in Baelz systems for the efficient flow of energy in the form of heat transfer fluids, such as steam, hot water or thermal oil.

Baelz 5 point path

Five crucial points for successful teamwork between us and our customers, with the objective of a long-term partnership.

Point 1: Holistic and sustainable planning

Reference: Expansion of the Bayer Healthcare facility in Beijing
  • Cooperative project planning of the expansion at the Beijing location
  • Demonstration of potential savings: > €140,000 per year
  • Working out different options in various capacity ranges
  • Total optimization of the system
  • Supply of steam transfer stations, steam generators, water heaters

Point 2: Reduction of system components

Reference: New construction of KSC/Logistics/Energy center for Audi
  • Operational reliability though central, redundant coupled pumps
  • Combined function for conveying and control
  • Use of the entire fluid temperature differential up to the point of use
  • Investment cost reduction
  • Saving of approx. 160 circulation pumps including check valves

Point 3: Consistently high product quality

Reference: Energetic optimization with steam ejectors in the textile industry
  • Better and faster product drying
  • Uniform and stable surface temperature
  • No overheating at the drum inlet
  • High operational reliability

Point 4: Less energy consumption

Reference: Dehner Garden Center
  • Savings of 12 pumps (3,527 € annually)
  • Elimination of a total of 105 circulation pumps
  • Thermal savings: 130,000 € annually
  • Electricity savings: 20,000 € annually
  • Amortization: 5.5 years

Point 5: Guaranteed longer service life

Facilities that have been running for years speak for themselves
  • Problem-free ventilation systems with ejectors in Berlin for over 30 years
  • Problem-free tube bundle heat exchanger in Cologne since 1989