Electric actuators

Electric actuators, also called linear motorized actuators, are powered by electrical energy. Depending on actuator type, the drive spindle moves inwards or outwards, whereby the connected valve plug opens or closes the valve in the corresponding amount to control the flow.

Here you will find technical data, operating instructions, manufacturer's certificates, and various drawings for our current range of standard electric actuators. On request, we will gladly provide information on our small and special actuators.

Motorized actuator baelz 373-E07

Motorized linear actuator for control operation. For control valves/ejectors up to DN 125.

Thrust 2000 N 700 N
Dimensions Ø129 x 320 mm Ø129 x 320 mm
Weight 2.2 kg 2.2 kg
Actuating speed 6 or 18 mm/min 130 mm/min
Protection class IP 42 IP 42
Fail-safe function no no

Digital motorized fail-safe actuator baelz 373-E07-OSD/OSZ

Digital motorized linear fail-safe actuator with integrated positioner baelz 7022, for control valves/ejectors up to DN 80. TÜV type-tested according to DIN EN 14597.

Thrust 700 N
Dimensions Ø129 x 354 mm
Weight 3 kg
Actuating speed 6, 10, 25, 70 or 130 mm/min
Protection class IP 42
Fail-safe function yes

Our digital motorized actuator baelz 373-E07-OSX is available with two control action directions:

• NC (normally closed) closes the valve in case of a pressure or power failure

• NO (normally open) opens the valve in case of a pressure or power failure

It can be fitted to control valves and also to ejectors.

Motorized actuator baelz 373-E45

Motorized linear actuator for control operation, with thrust-dependent limit switches. For control valves/ejectors up to DN 150.

Thrust 4000 N
Dimensions Ø180 x 365 mm
Weight 8 kg
Actuating speed 15 mm/min
Protection class IP 65
Fail-safe function no

Motorized actuator baelz 373-E65

Motorized linear actuator with emergency stop function and thrust-dependent limit switches. Available with fail-safe open or closed. For control valves/ejectors up to DN 125.

Thrust 1100 N 2000 N
Dimensions 309 x 230 x 133 mm 309 x 230 x 149 mm
Weight 5.6 kg 5.6 kg
Actuating speed 10 / 15 / 30 mm/min 10 / 15 / 30 mm/min
Protection class IP 66 IP 66
Fail-safe function yes, acc. to DIN EN 14597 yes

Motorized actuator baelz 373-E66

Motorized linear actuator for control operation, with load-dependent limit switches. For control valves/ejectors from DN 150 to DN 300. Input signal: 3 point

Thrust 8000 N 15000 N
Dimensions Ø188 x 329 mm Ø188 x 329 mm
Weight 13 kg 13 kg
Actuating speed 25 mm/min 22 mm/min
Protection class IP 65 IP 65
Fail-safe function no no

Electromotive actuator baelz 373-ESI

Electromotive actuator for water ejectors baelz 474 and baelz 475 as well as for radiator valves baelz 500 to baelz 507.

Thrust 100 N
Dimensions 81 x 119 x 51.4 mm
Weight 0.25 kg
Actuating speed 2.2 or 6 mm/min
Protection class IP 54
Input signal 3-point, 4…20 mA or DC 0…10 V
Fail-safe function no

Motorized rotary actuator baelz 375-E42

Motorized rotary actuator with load-dependent and travel-dependent limit switches. Input signal: 3 point.

Torque 150 Nm
Dimensions 220 x 172 x 253/278 mm
Weight 7.5 kg
Actuating speed 60 s/90°
Protection class IP 65

Digitalization the Baelz way

The new digital positioners baelz 7020 and baelz 7020A make for greatly simplified operation and adjustment, offering fully automatic adaptation to a control valve, for example. The 7020 is supplied built into our actuators baelz 373-E07. The 7020A is available for our actuators baelz 373-E45, baelz 373-E66 and baelz 375-E42.

The digital positioner receives a positioning signal from a master controller and converts the signal directly. Position feedback enables automatic control according to operating pressure and actuating thrust.

baelz 7020

baelz 7020A

Controller integrated in an actuator

baelz 7164

This decentralized intelligent controller is integrated in the actuator unit, minimizing on-site installation and wiring work and replacing the signal wiring between controller and actuator.