Butterfly valves, ball valves

Flanged ball valve baelz 70170

Flanged ball valve in steel or stainless steel for shutting off the flow of fluids in heating systems and in industry.

  • Material: Cast steel 1.0619 or stainless steel
  • Working fluids: water, saturated steam

Stainless steel flanged ball valve baelz 70171-B-VA

Stainless steel flanged ball valve for use in heating systems and industrial applications.

Butterfly valve baelz 70195

Soft-sealing, centric butterfly valve for use in water heating systems according to DIN EN 12828, air-conditioning, cooling, water supply, drinking water and service water systems.

Ball valve baelz 70578

Two way brass ball valve for heating and industrial applications.

  • Material: brass, chrome plated
  • Working fluid: water
  • Bore type: full bore
  • Connections: with external or internal threads
  • With butterfly handle or hand lever in blue or red
  • Spindle extension optional

Ball valve baelz 70580/1

Heavy duty brass ball valve for use in heating system and industrial applications.

Stainless steel ball valve baelz 70580-B-VA

DVGW certified stainless steel ball valve with a two-piece body for use in heating systems and industrial applications.

Boiler filling and draining valve baelz 70586

Brass valve in various versions for filling and draining heating and cooling systems, boilers, radiators and pipelines.

  • Material: Brass (O), DVGW version in nickel plated brass (EF)
  • Working fluids: Water, drinking water, non-agressive fluids
  • Designs: straight version (G), angled version (EF)
  • Mit threaded cap
  • Handle with stopper
  • Silicone free