Connection spigot baelz 70700A / Clamping sleeve baelz 70700M

Comb-profiled seal baelz 70703

For manometers and manometer isolating valves.

Sealing discs baelz 70705

Suitable for clamping sleeves baelz 70700...

Fluid level indicator baelz 70730

Valve fluid level indicator with spigot connection. Upper and lower shut-off, bottom with drain valve.

Duran glass tube baelz 70749

Stainless steel vent valve baelz 70798-VA

Blind flange baelz 80000

Welding neck flange baelz 80300

Welding neck flange set baelz 80600

Consisting of 2 welding neck flanges baelz 80300 and 2 graphite seals HotFit baelz 80900.

Welding neck flange set baelz 80700

Consisting of 3 welding neck flanges baelz 80300 and 3 graphite seals HotFit baelz 80900.

Graphite seal HotFit baelz 80900

Graphite seal with expanded metal insert of stainless steel.

Hexagon bolts with nuts baelz 81100

Stainless steel hexagon bolts with nuts baelz 81101

Steel pipe elbow baelz 81200 / 81300

Tees baelz 81500

Reducers baelz 81600

Reducers baelz 81600/1

Dished ends baelz 81900

Water seals baelz 85850 / 85892

Water seals to protect manometers from overheating. For baelz Bourdon tube manometers and for baelz 826, 828, 831 and 835. Consisting of 1 x siphon and 1 x manometer isolating valve and seals.

Stuffing box heating baelz 85950

Protects the valve spindle against icing up. For fluid temperatures between -10...- 40°C. Junction box optional.