Steam and water are two physical conditions of water: vaporous and liquid. If these media come into contact with each other in an uncontrolled manner, steam hammer can result, which can even lead to destruction of the plant involved. However some processes require the direct converging of steam and water, as shown here in a technical example.

Superheated steam cooling and saturated steam generation

In industry, saturated steam or slightly superheated steam is often required for production processes. The best examples of this are the chemical industry, textile, wood and paper industries.

Since internal factory networks often only have steam with very high boiler pressures available, Baelz offers more than just pressure reduction. Baelz supplies the controllable baelz 591 steam ejector with cooling water injection, the so-called steam converter.

This simultaneously reduces the pressure of the steam and injects condensate or water directly into the superheated steam for cooling. This allows all physically possible steam properties to be achieved, from superheated steam to saturated steam. Process-related load fluctuations are compensated quickly and cleanly.

Desuperheater Jetomat® baelz 591

Steam converting valve with flanged connection.

Fluid Nominal pressure Nominal diameter Body material Temperature range


PN 16 / 40 DN 32 - 200

spheroid ductile iron
(5.3103) /

cast steel (1.0619)

-10°C to 240°C
(without cooling tube)

-10°C to 350°C
(with cooling tube)