Water - Air

Ventilation registers

The reason for the increasing use of water ejectors for the control of heat registers in industrial and building technology is the resulting savings on energy and components.

The hydraulic circuit with ejectors functions without circulating pumps. The ejector takes over the function of the control valve, the possible upstream differential pressure controller and the circulating pump. Admixture control thus provides an economical alternative to conventional throttle circuits.

Baelz has decades of experience in the use of ejectors in ventilation systems and helps to save energy and material. Over a thousand ventilation systems have been successfully built with ejectors and have been running reliably for years.

The picture shows an ejector system in the ventilation register of a well-known hotel in Berlin, which has been running smoothly for 30 years. Thanks to the innovative technology, 52% of costs were already saved in the planning stage. The energy savings in running operation of over 40% is also significant in comparison. This system highlights the cost-efficiency of ejectors in ventilation systems.

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