Steam - Steam

Steam-generating station

Baelz has been producing and supplying steam generators and clean steam generators for decades. These are used in medical technology, clinics and hospitals, but also in commercial and office buildings.

They use primary steam for generating clean steam. Appropriately prepared feed water is supplied to the steam generator and heated there until the clean steam with the required pressure and degree of cleanliness is available for further use.

Steam Terminal® with baelz 120/122

By taking spatial and connection conditions and requirements into account, Baelz supplies the customer with the best solution as a fully assembled Steam Terminal® with all necessary components and with a vertical or horizontal steam generator – all from a single source.

Pressure-reducing station with baelz 192

The steam pressure reducing valve baelz 192 provides the opportunity to lower the pressure level of primary steam at a reasonable price. Baelz can also provide you with a complete solution including valve sizing, pipeline dimensioning, safety valves, etc.
Special customer requirements, such as the assembling on a base plate (see the picture below), are complied with and realized.

When using the safety-relevant functions of the pressure-reducing valve baelz 192, these can already be tested by Baelz in the factory. This ensures fast and safe commissioning.

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