Heat exchangers


Baelz offers heat exchangers for heat transfer fluids such as steam, condensate, hot and warm water. All heat exchangers are designed, manufactured and tested according to the European Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU and the regulations AD 2000.

A broad spectrum of conventional devices including unique modular solutions for steam is available for all types of HVAC, district heating and industrial systems.

As a manufacturer, we are able to offer customized solutions. Steam generators and coolers round off our product range. We also offer pre-assembled compact stations for all types of heat exchanger designs.

Choose from steel, copper and stainless steel tube bundles. We also supply fully stainless steel heat exchangers. All steam heated heat exchangers are operated with tried and tested condensate backup control in order to ensure maximum condensate cooling.

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Heat exchangers in vertical design

Heat exchangers in horizontal design

Heat exchangers in modular design