Válvulas de retención

Flanged check valve baelz 70081

The baelz 70081 is a flanged check valve for industrial applications.

Clamp-on check valve baelz 70082

The baelz 70082 is a clamp-on check valve for industrial applications.

Wafer-type check valve baelz 70084

The baelz 70084 is a wafer-type check valve available in several models.

Flanged lift check valve baelz 70085

The baelz 70085 is a flanged lift check valve for industrial applications.

  • Material: carbon steel (1.0460 oder 1.0619+N)
  • Working fluids: water, steam, gases and other non-aggressive fluids
  • Check valve cone: spring-loaded, metal-to-metal seal
  • Installation: horizontal or vertical
  • Suitable down to -10 °C

Backflow preventer baelz-hydrodyn CALEFFI baelz 70574

The baelz 70574 is a backflow preventer that can be used as a valve for protecting drinking water (EN 12729).

Check valve baelz 70613

Check valve with control screw and socket connections without drain function for heating and industrial applications.

  • Material: brass
  • Working fluid: water and other neutral liquids
  • Installation: always fit with top facing upwards and with direction of flow upwards