Steam / Hot water


The steam-water mixer, another special type of ejector, is used in processes where water is to be heated rapidly by direct mixing of steam and water with maximum circulation.

Your advantages at a glance:
  • Optimal use of motive steam energy for the addition of the water to be heated
  • Optimal mixing of steam and water
  • Quiet operation thanks to a steam chamber especially designed for this purpose
  • Integration into process control with perfect interaction of the drive, the temperature sensor and the controller
  • Low investment costs
  • Can be used for all liquids permitted by this design

The steam/water mixers baelz 585

FluidNominal pressureNominal diameterBody materialTemperature range

steam, hot water

PN 16 - 25DN 15 - 125spheroidal iron (5.3103)

-10°C to 240°C
(without cooling tube)

-10°C to 350°C
(with cooling tube)


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