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For steam networks, our Steam Terminals® are used as space-saving system solutions. They are versatile and compact, thermally insulated and completely mounted on a skid – thus ready to be connected on site. The steam heat transfer stations are often designed and assembled according to individual requirements to meet the conditions on site.

One-source solutions

Baelz is more than just a supplier: We are your partner for advice and dimensioning as well as layout, including our own reliable components according to industry standards and always in accordance with customer requirements.

The modular heat exchangers Modulo baelz 147, which are unique worldwide, offer flexibility in design and outstanding system availability. Modulo baelz 147 in copper and baelz 150 in stainless steel allow for sorted recycling at the end of their service life.

One example for the convincing Baelz technology: Today, more than 4,000 steam heat transfer stations in the district heating network of Paris supply a large number of buildings – ranging from blocks of flats to the Ministery – with heat, and have been doing so since the 1970s! In Germany, too, there are many cities with steam district heating networks (Dortmund, Frankfurt, Munich, and others) where Baelz stations operate and help to save energy.

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