Absorption chillers


The increase in internal heat sources, the increasing demand for comfort, global warming and changes in consumer behavior are reasons for the rise in demand for cooling.

Baelz absorption cooling systems offer an environmentally friendly, energy efficient and flexible cooling technology. There are three standard designs to choose from: Bee, Bumblebee and Hornet, named for their color and different sizes. Their outputs are 50, 160 and 500 kW respectively. The cool and cold water flow rates of the systems can vary significantly. It is possible to reduce the volume flow of the systems to 20% of the nominal value.

Bees, bumblebees and hornets

These systems do not only stand out due to their compact and modern design, but above all thanks to their extremely low electricity consumption as they use heat to produce cooling. Because the Bee and the Bumblebee to fit through most doorways, they are especially suited to retrofitting of existing buildings. The entire system is optimized, enabling units to increase their capacity from 25% to 100% in less than 10 minutes, if required. An integrated output regulator allows for optimal operation in terms of operating and energy costs.

Since January 2017 BAFA, the German Federal Office of Economics and Export Control, has been promoting research and development in cooling technology.

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Combined cooling, heat and power

Combined cooling, heat and power (CCHP) has proven itself in practice. Excess heat which is generated as a by-product of electricity generation in CHP (combined heat and power, or cogeneration) plant can be used as an energy source in a cooling machine during the summer months to save energy and increase running time. Furthermore, district heating networks, process waste heat, and solar thermal energy can also be used as heat sources.

Advantage of this technology

Apart from the large power savings in comparison to compression refrigeration machines, this type of cooling generation increases the utilization of cogeneration or CHP plants in times of low heat demand, thus reducing operating costs and increasing revenue.

A cooling system in combination with a cogeneration plant was implemented for product cooling at Bänninger, a company in Reiskirchen, Germany. Here a Bumblebee provided cooling for tools during the manufacture of plastic tubes. Through the constant high COP of 0.8, an increased efficiency for cooling was achieved and the running time of the CHP was increased by 1400 operating hours.

Manufactured under licence from the Technische Universtät Berlin; the Technische Universität is not the manufacturer of this product.

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