Our industrial controllers offer intelligent control and automation and are used to ensure an improved degree of efficiency in energy generation and energy conversion in industry and HVAC systems.

As the developer of weather-sensitive control, Baelz offers a wide range of globally tried and tested control devices: We develop the hardware and software for our compact controllers, multi-circuit controllers and single room controllers, making for optimal adaptation to market requirements in industry and HVAC technology.

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How Baelz responds to digitalization

The new digital positioner baelz 7020 remarkably simplifies operation and adjustment. This means e.g. that the adaption to a control valve is fully automated. These positioners are installed in our actuators E07.

The digital positioner receives the positioning signal from a master controller and converts the signal on site. The position feedback automatically corrects changes related to the operating pressure and the positioning energy.

Industrial controllers

baelz 6490


baelz 6590


Controller integrated in an actuator

baelz 7164

This decentralized intelligent controller is integrated in the actuator unit, minimizing on-site installation and wiring work and replacing the signal wiring between controller and actuator.