Baelz is a family company with over 100 years of tradition and headquarters in Heilbronn, Germany. Its products, made in Germany, are known for their quality. Inventive genius always brings forth new patents and new developments. Baelz technology, with a view of the laws of nature, aims for economical use of energy and sparing use of resources through innovation.

As the son of a coppersmith, Wilhelm Baelz extended the parental business to the production of industrial steam systems in 1896. Right after the Second World War, starting in 1945, Baelz brought control loops, heat exchangers, electrically and pneumatically driven valves and the first weather-dependent controllers onto the German market. At the beginning of the 1950s followed the first vertical steam-water transfer station in the world, with condensate side control and then in 1970 the controlled water ejector.

Baelz foundation

In 1978, Helmut Baelz set up the Baelz Foundation for the field of Control Engineering at the Technical University of Applied Sciences of Berlin in the degree course for Supply and Energy Technology. In the meantime, other technical universities have been integrated into the work of the Baelz foundation, creating a stable network of all technical universities teaching supply technology in Germany. Today Prof. Dr. Uwe Baelz continues the work of his father in the Baelz foundation.

Global applications

Under continuous development, Baelz components and processes for control, heat and cooling technology have long been in use worldwide. Production of devices and heat exchangers is carried out by our subsidiary, BS Nova GmbH in Siegen, Germany. Baelz is also present on the market with its own companies: Baelz Automatic SARL, France; Baelz Wien GmbH, Austria; Baelz Heat Automation Equipments Co. Ltd., VR China; Baelz North America, USA. In addition, partners provide Baelz presence worldwide.