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Energy-saving solutions for stainless steel production

September 2018, Germany

An international company uses an enormous amount of energy in its production process – especially in the generation of steam.

As steam generation is very cost-intensive, steam should be used economically, and surpluses should always be avoided. The previous steam-water transfer stations in the plant led the high-temperature condensate into open condensate tanks.

Here, the steam-water heat transfer stations from Baelz, a closed steam-condensate system without condensate tank, was recommended.

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Meanwhile in Israel

August 2018, Israel

Currently, a large plant in a leading global food company in Israel is being converted to Baelz valves. Here, thermal oil serves as a heat transfer medium. The system was designed and implemented together with our local sales partner.

Baelz original? Oriverify!

Unfortunately, in disregard of internationally valid laws, logos and trademarks protected for Baelz are now also affixed to copied products.

So that you no longer have any doubts, we have attached QR codes on our actuators, that will take you directly to our website and confirm their authenticity.

Technological news

The new digital positioner baelz 7020 enables fully automated adaption to a control valve.

With this positioner installed in an electric actuators E07, Baelz responds to the digitalization and offers many user-friendly and easy-to-use controls.

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The "Bee" at the "Environment Week"

Baelz at Bellevue Palace Berlin

Baelz accepted the invitation of Joachim Gauck, the Federal President, and the German Environment Foundation (Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt DBU) to Bellevue Palace to present its absorption chiller, named "Bee", at the booth in the president's garden.

The "Bee" was developed in cooperation with the Technical University of Berlin and several other project partners and supported by the BMWI (Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy). The event in Berlin, which took place for the fifth time, dealt with the topic of environmental protection and sustainability with special consideration of the related economic possibilities and sustainable solutions for global environmental issues and their effective public presentation.

The selected 200 exhibitors from over 600 applicants for participation presented top-performance innovations in environmental protection and conservation.

Our award-worthy "Bees" and "Bumblebees"

Baelz among the top 10

The highly sustainable cooling through excess heat, which was implemented by Baelz in cooperation with the Technical University of Berlin in the form of absorption cooling systems of various performance classes, resulted in Baelz being among the top 10 for the Industry Prize 2016.

This award, which honors industrial companies, recognizes the progress and economic, social, environmental and technological use of the products. This is assessed by a jury of experts.